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Tribest Green Star Juicer
Ideaal voor het juicen van grassen, fruit, groenten, voor het maken van notenmelken, notenpatés, sorbets. De beste juicer op de markt.

1030 - Green Star GS-3000 (complete equipment): As Green Star GS-1000 (standard equipment) plus coarse screen, pasta maker and breadstick attachment.

Prijs per eenheid

Green Star GS-1000: 499€
Green Star GS-3000: 539€

Tribest Green Star Juicer

The Health Juicer

As well as extracting highly nutritious fresh fruit and vegetable juices, the Green Star Health Juicer is ideal for green juices such as wheatgrass – reknowned the world over for its high chlorophyll content. Saves time and money thanks to its unparalleled ability to extract juice. The Health Juicer also homogenizes fresh or frozen fruit (for sorbets) as well as processing whole foods to make goodies such as sweets from nuts or almonds, pitted dates and much more.

No heat, no shock – maximum nutritional values!

The Green Star Juicer operates at 110 rpm, a very low processing speed. And with its two stainless steel twin gears, set only 0.1 mm from each other, it DOES NOT DAMAGE contents by generating heat and crushing the nutrients. This keeps highly sensitive enzymes and precious nutrients intact. The result: high juice yields and unparalleled, delicious juices.

Green Star: the No1 name in nutritional juices!

Green Star is the only juice extractor in the world to use magnets to improve the ingredient characteristics of the juice. The result: more minerals, and better quality. Unlike harmful electromagnetic waves, these magnets transform minerals contained in the juice into a colloidal form. This makes it easier to absorb dissolved minerals.

Stiftung Warentest testing confirms: Green Star beats all other extractors

In the July 2003 issue of its consumer product review, German consumer body Stiftung Warentest published its findings on no less than twelve leading juice extractors. The winner: the Green Star GS-1000, praised for producing the “highest juice yield” and its low noise. It is also easy to use and clean and received top marks (1.0) for durability.

Extraction technique: A low speed of 110 rpm prevents nutrients from getting crushed or overheated. Magnets are built into the rotating twin gears to enhance juice quality.

Warranty: 5 years for non-commercial use, 2 years for commercial use

Dimensions, weight: 47.5 x 16.5 x 35 cm (W x D x H), 8.6 kg; Drive: 190 Watt, 230 V, 30-60 minutes

Green Star GS-1000 (standard equipment): Featuring all the key juice and food processing equipment: Green Star Juicer, fine screen, homogenizing blank, glass pitcher, cleaning brush, outlet adjusting knob and soft fruit outlet adjusting knob, detailed operating instructions, TUEV/GS tested.

Green Star GS-3000 (complete equipment): As Green Star GS-1000 (standard equipment) plus coarse screen, pasta maker and breadstick attachment. TUEV/GS tested


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