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Sun Is Shining - Green Superfood



Sun Is Shining - Green Superfood
283g (raw, organic & wildcrafted ingredients)
One of the most well-respected and best-selling
superfood products in the world.

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Sun Is Shining - Green Superfood

** Formerly Nature's First Food ** Since its introduction several years ago, The Sun Is Shining has become one of the most well-respected and best-selling superfood products in the world.

It boasts an incredible array nutrient-dense, mineral-rich superfoods including powdered vegetables, algae and aquatic vegetables, as well as a highly-advanced probiotic (friendly bacteria) formula. This product was developed exclusively for Nature's First Law by one of the world's leading superfood authorities, Dr. Jameth Sheridan (N.D.). The Sun Is Shining has been formulated with a unique understanding of lifeforce energy, enzymes, raw foods, Mother Nature and true science, with a reverence for all life.

It is designed to be taken on a daily basis and especially during cleansing. Contains 100% raw, organic and/or wildcrafted superfoods, the best probiotic formulation ever put into a superfood formula (designed to implant good bacteria in the intestines) and a full digestive enzyme complex. The Sun Is Shining comes to you as a neutral-tasting, whole-food, green powder. It can be added to smoothies and juices. This product contains no fillers. It is available in an amber glass bottle with a metal lid and oxygen absorber for optimum nutrient preservation. It does not require refrigeration even after it is opened (this makes it an ideal travel companion), although we do recommend it. Storage in a cool, dark place will extend product potency.

Ingredients (100% RAW and organic/wild superfoods):

  • Land Vegetables:
    whole Leaf barley grass, whole leaf wheat grass, nettle leaf, horsetail, alfalfa leaf juice, dandelion leaf juice, kamut grass juice, barley grass juice, oat grass juice, broccoli juice, kale juice, spinach juice, parsley juice, burdock root, nopal cactus, ginger, amla berry.
  • Algaes:
    spirulina*, broken-cell-wall chlorella**.
  • Wildcrafted aquatic vegetables:
    Icelandic kelp, Nova Scotia dulse.
  • Enzyme Complex:
    amylase, lipase, protease, cellulase, bromelain, papain. A full complement of soil-based organisms and by far the most incredible Probiotic Complex ever formulated in one product! 100% superfoods, no fillers.

Probiotic Complex Ingredients:

L. Salivarius, L. Plantarum, S. Faecium, L. Acidophilus, DDS-1 Acidophilus, S. Thermopolis, Bifidus, L. Casei, B. Subtilus, L. Bulgaricus, B. Laterosporous, S. Fradiae, S. Cellulasae, S. Griseoflavus, P. Calcis, P. Denitrificans, P. Flourescens, P. Gelatic, P. Marinoglutinosa, P. Nigraclens, P. Putida, M. Verrucaria, K. Zopfit, B. Lipolyticum, B. Stationis, B. Succinogenes, B. Brenis, B. Macerans, B. Pumilus, B. Polymyxa, A. Brasilienese, A. Lipoferum, A. Agilis, A. Citreus, A. Globiformis, A. Luteus, A. Simplex, A. Lwolfii, A. Terreus, P. Chrysosporium, R. Arrhizus, T. Viride.

* Spirulina - Sun is Shining contains a special, highly nutritious spirulina. This spirulina is truly vegan ­ no fermented animal bones or bat guano are used as fertilizer.

** Chlorella - Organic, and legally termed organic in certain Asian countries, but no application for organic has been applied for in the U.S. No pesticides are used, as they would kill the chlorella.

Certified Organic Ingredients:

  • Ginger
  • Amla Berry
  • Whole Leaf Wheat Grass
  • Whole Leaf Barley Grass
  • Alfalfa Juice
  • Dandelion Juice
  • Barley Grass Juice
  • Oat Grass Juice
  • Kale Juice
  • Spinach Juice
  • Parsley Juice
  • Kelp (also Wildcrafted)
  • Dulse (also Wildcrafted)

Wildcrafted Ingredients:

  • Nopale
  • Horsetail
  • Nettles
  • Burdock Root
  • Kelp (also Certified Organic)
  • Dulse (also Certified Organic)

- Enzymes
No organic certification exists for enzymes. However, only organic substances are employed in their development.

- Probiotics
No certification exists. Only organic substances are used in their preparation. Pesticides would kill the probiotics.

The latest version of Sun is Shining has twice the probiotics as before, making for a more powerful product with enhanced nutrient assimilation, and increasing the absorption of the natural vitamins and minerals present in the superfoods. Additionally, improved growing and low-temperature food drying and powdering processes have resulted in the whole leaf grasses being even more nutritious and finely ground, thus delivering superior bio-availability of nutrients (easier to digest and assimilate) while still maintaining the beneficial fiber.

Key points:

  1. Sun is Shining is not a supplement. It is a food. It consists of powdered food and friendly bacteria (probiotics).
  2. Can one become deficient eating a raw-food diet? Yes. Absolutely. One can become deficient eating any diet and, in fact, most people are very deficient in many nutrients. Our conclusion after years of doing this work is that every diet, unless it contains a certain percentage (25%+) and variety of wild food is deficient. Wild food is the only food that is complete. Sun is Shining consists of many wild foods, especially foods that are high in silicon (one of the most important alkaline minerals and one of the primary minerals which is deficient among raw-foodists as well as the general population). The intense mineral content of Sun is Shining and the very high silicon content make it a very powerful bone builder.
  3. Sun is Shining contains bacteria one cannot get from food. Sun is Shining is one of the most powerful probiotic (friendly flora) products ever created. It contains over 40 probiotics.
  4. Probiotics support the immune system and create an environment which is antagonistic to candida, other harmful molds and fungi. Probiotics can improve digestion.
  5. Sun is Shining has a tremendous record and history of use and safety by thousands of people.

approximately a 33-day supply


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