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Agave Nectar Premium Dark



Agave Nectar Premium Dark
475ml , (raw, certified organic) bottle
A mineral rich, dark syrup with a vanilla-like aroma
and a hint of maple syrup flavor.

Prijs per eenheid

Agave Nectar Premium Dark

Raw, certified organic, unfiltered Dark Agave Syrup (also called Dark Agave Nectar).

A mineral rich, dark syrup with a vanilla-like aroma and a hint of maple syrup flavor. Truly one of a kind!

100% of this product is made from the world-renowned blue agave plant, composed of 85% fructose!

Blue Agave is higher in fructose-producing carbohydrates than other types of agave, and is considered to be the finest agave in the world. It is unprocessed, unfiltered and natural, thus retaining valuable nutrients, minerals and enzymes that are absent from many other agave products and sweeteners. This product is made using state-of-the-art low-temperature processing technology making it the least heat-exposed dark agave product on the market.

Agave syrup is a natural product that can sweeten any type of beverage or food. It is derived from the carbohydrates present in the agave plant. To produce organic agave syrup, juice is expressed from the core of the agave plant. The juice is then selected to become dark agave syrup or is filtered to create a light agave syrup.

Dark agave has a relatively low glycemic index (even when compared to other agave products), meaning that it is metabolized more slowly into the bloodstream than other sweeteners. This special quality makes it a valuable resource for diabetics, people with hypoglycemia, or anyone who is concerned with maintaining an even blood-sugar level. It is also a valuable resource for all raw-food chefs and lovers of fine cuisine, as dark agave is delicious and brings subtle flavor and depth to any dish or drink. Agave also has unique hydrating properties. Ancient inhabitants of the Mexican region believed that it purified the body and soul.

Our farmers in Mexico use HPLC to make chromatographic studies on sugars, monitoring closely the mineral and sugar concentrations of our agave syrups in order to insure they are the best available anywhere worldwide.

Dark Agave Syrup tastes somewhat like molasses or maple syrup with vanilla.

It is very smooth, mixes in easily with cacao nibs, any beverage or smoothie, and can be used to replace sugar in traditional recipes. Dark Agave is the most unique, natural, healthy, completely vegan sweetener in the world!



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